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Class - X ( Year 2019-2020 )

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No. of Students Appeared No. of Students Passed No. of Students Placed in Compartment No. of Students Failed Pass %
76 75 1 0 98%

Academic Achievements

Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Thanjavur feels proud to announce the results of Class X.

Percentage of X scored by the following Students
Name of the Student Image Class Percentage
X 93%
X 93%
X 92%
X 91%
X 91%
Subject Wise Toppers
Class - X
Subject Class Name Grade
English X Sahana.N A1
English X Harini.G A2
English X Dharunikka A2
English X Harini.B A2
English X Nithyapriya.M A2
English X Rushvanth kumar A2
English X Dhakshinya A2
English X Pradeep .N A2
English X Amirtha varshini A2
Science X Nithyapriya.M A2
Science X Venkataraman A2
Science X Sahana.N A2
Science X Rushvanth kumar A2
Science X Harini.G A2
Science X Pradeep.N A2
Hindi/Telugu X Venkataraman R A1
Hindi/Telugu X Darunika A2
Science X Pradeep A2
Social X J.Arun A1
Social X V. Guru Ganesh A1
Social X R.Narayanan A1
Social X R. Prasamma saikumar A1
Social X Rushwanth Kumar V A1
Social X Venkat Raman R A1
Social X Vijaya Narayana R.V A1
Social X Vincent Moses A1
Social X Akshaya P A1
Social X Dhakshanya B.K A1
Social X Dhanya Sri A.M A1
Social X Dharshika S.K A1
Social X Dharunika B.k A1
Social X B.Harini A1
Social X G.Harini A1
Social X Nithya Priya M A1
Social X Rashma R A1
Social X Rohitha K A1
Social X Sahana N A1
Social X Varsha H A1
Social X Vinodha M A1
Social X Amirthavarshini R A1
Mathematics X Sahana N A1
Mathematics X Pradeep N A1
Mathematics X Venkatraman A1
Mathematics X Rushvanth A1
Mathematics X Dharshika S.K A1
Mathematics X G.Harini A1
Mathematics X Nithya Priya M A1
Mathematics X Vijaya Narayana R.V A1
Mathematics X Arun A1
Tamil X G.Harini A1
Tamil X N. Sahana A1
Tamil X Amirthavarshini R A1
Tamil X Nithya Priya M A1
Tamil X Dhartshika S.K A1
Tamil X Dhanaya Shri A1
Tamil X Rushivanth Kumar V A1
Tamil X Akshaya P A1
Tamil X Ajai M A1
Tamil X Thanigaimurugan V A1
Tamil X Atun J A1
Tamil X Karthik Blalaji M A1
Tamil X Vijaya Narayana R.V A1
Tamil X Narayanan M A1
Tamil X Vincent Moses E.P A1
Tamil X Karthiyayani S A1
Tamil X B. Harini A1
Tamil X T.Haswini A1
Tamil X Dhivya Sri S A1
Tamil X Arpudhaa C.A A1
Tamil X Vinoth M A1
Tamil X Sakthi Abirami M A1
Tamil X Thilak S A1
Tamil X Rohitha K A1
Tamil X Prasanna sai Kumar R A1
Tamil X Reshma R A1

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